Psalm One
source: The Book of Psalms for Singing (RPCNA 1973)
New Britain (aka Amazing Grace), C.M.

As with the post on singing Psalm 1, this, too, is in common meter.  The tune given in the psalter is that of Amazing Grace.

1 O LORD, how are my foes increased!
Against me many rise.
2 How many say, “In vain for help
He on his God relies!”

3 You are my shield and glory, LORD;
You lifted up my head.
4 I cried out, “LORD!” and from His hill
To me His answer sped.

5 I lay down, slept, and woke again–
The LORD is keeping me.
6 I will not fear ten thousand men
Entrenched surrounding me.

7 Arise, O LORD! Save me, my God!
You punish all my foes.
You smite the face of wicked men,
Their teeth break with your blows.

8 Deliverance is from the LORD,
Salvation His alone!
O let Your blessing evermore
Be on your people shown!